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[07 Feb 2010|09:38am]

009 ❙ outlaw star icons

here at gagazet
watch us for more updates!

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Places to buy manga? [31 Dec 2009|04:49pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Anyone know any online stores that might have the OLS manga, new or more likely, used?
I was gonna go through Celga, but with fees, it's kindda crazy, so I wanted to see if I could get it myself first.

I know it's on ebay at the moment, but the shipping is rediculous if you want it in any decent amount of time.

I don't know *any* used manga sites, so...

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[19 Dec 2009|09:12am]


Just recently started, the Anime Character Icontest is an icontest that features a different character from a manga/anime/video game each week. So please join and consider making some icons or voting in the challenges! :)

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quick episode question [18 Dec 2009|02:53am]

[ mood | confused ]

I'm gathering caps of the little Gilliam bots, but I can't remember what episode Jim's special pink Gilliam first appears in. Anyone remember off the top of their heads? It's gotta be between 4 and 15 I think...
Episode 09. How many times did I watch it and must have skimmed over that part? x_x

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Romdeau + A Multifandom Ergo Proxy RP [26 Jun 2009|01:02am]

Romdeau + A Multifandom Ergo Proxy RP!Collapse )

Reservations just opened up today and the game opens on July 10th. We currently don't have any Outlaw Star characters, but we'd love to change that!

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New Outlaw Star Site [25 Jun 2009|09:25am]

My girlfriend and I have been hard at work, and have finished our Outlaw Star site.
Check it out http://watchoutlawstarepisodes.com/
we plan on fixing up the template a little bit more, making it look more like out other sites we have recently done (see http://cowboybebopepisode.com and http://deathnoteepisode.com)
Any feedback is appreciated :)

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[21 Jun 2009|02:52pm]



Currently we have no Outlaw Star crew, so all spots are still open!

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[28 May 2009|02:27pm]


About the RP
There is a building in the center of a never-ending city where time and death no longer matter. A building that will provide its residents with almost anything they ever ask for. A building that requires and all together unusual payment in return for said serviced: the occasional emotional or physical torment of some (or all) of its inhabitants. The form of this torment? Well, you can't expect such a lavish life to come free, now can you? The Building, or at least, its oldest residents have taken a liking to cursing its residents.

The never-ending city has no real name other than what the citizens have named it, the streets are never labeled, and time seems to move at a fraction of a second. The civilians are less than informative; if you ask for an explanation from any of them, it is likely they'll stare at you with a look that suggests that you had just asked them to explain the mental and physical effects of deep space and zero gravity on the common platypus. They're not here to help you. Well, at least not in the ways you want them to.

Welcome to Clockwork and get comfortable; you're not leaving.
Clockwork is a multi-fandom RPG that takes place at InsaneJournal. Here there are rare rules that take effect and almost anything goes. We love crack, and drama never runs low. We do ask you keep it to a minimum though; we're all here for the fun, not for stress or upset emotions. As it is basically an 'Alternate Universe', it is possible for your character to get taken here at any point during their fandom.

Here, there is no real balance between good and evil (peace and chaos, if you prefer) and so many strange things can happen, and weird people have been known to pop up all over the place without warning. New residents are arriving every day, whether you see them or not.

Here at Clockwork, we try to keep as in-character as possible. Character and plot development is amazing, we love it; abuse it!

Keep in mind this RP includes Hetero/Yaoi/Yuri as well as other mature themes. Our most common ratings range from PG-13 to NC-17.



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[04 Apr 2009|12:17pm]

High school is always a scary time. The classes. The cliques. The gaping maw of an unknown future just waiting for you. On the surface, things are pretty typical at Hypnos High, Home of the Nightmares. They have a football team, a drama club, a debate team. A niche for just about everyone. Mondays are infamous for the mystery meat that the lunchroom serves with gravy in hopes of passing it off as Salisbury steak.

But there's a little something extra on the curriculum.

Once a week, on Thursdays, many students march downstairs to the basement infirmary. There each one finds a cot waiting, secluded from the others by a white wrap-around curtain. Lay down. Relax. Close your eyes...

A class on dreaming seems pretty sweet. But again, that's just on the surface.

This dream is unlike any other. You share this dream with all the other students taking this class. And in the dream who you really are, or your deepest, darkest secret is exposed for all your classmates to see. Some are fortunate enough that their dream form isn't a direct reflection of how they look when they're awake. It might be disguised, or not even human. Others aren't so lucky. The classmates who stumble across them will recognize them, and they're forced to wonder what those classmates will do with the secret they now know.

And then there's those three mysterious beads that everyone has around their neck...and the "key" that is randomly hidden in one dream form's body every class...

In this school, there's no such thing as a Graduation Ceremony.

nightmare_high is an rp based on Setona Mizushiro's manga series "Hōkago Hokenshitsu/After School Nightmare."


Taken Characters
Suggestions Box
Wanted Characters

Student Council


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[22 Dec 2008|02:14pm]


Metrocon's Anime Human Chessmatch this year includes Outlaw Star characters (it's about time! :D); while I'm not trying out for any of the events (too many obligations that would conflict with the practice sessions), I figure it'd be fun to play along with them.  I wanna' cosplay as Harry McDougal[l?].

Buuut, I don't own any of the DVDs - so I can't siphon through the episodes and get screenshots of his outfits (because at the moment, I'm not sure which one I want to do).

Does anyone know where I can get some high-quality/relatively decent screenshots?  Most of the ones I've found thus far focus on the main characters, so I've not had much luck.  I'd really appreciate the help. <3

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Outlaw Star icons. [23 Nov 2008|05:00pm]

Outlaw Star - 40

Icons are located here at antimortem.

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[24 Oct 2008|03:06pm]


more here @ bubblemilk.

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[20 Sep 2008|01:54am]


'Family' is important, so what better way to enjoy some time off from the job then by taking a vacation to 'Mafia Land.'

Come enjoy the The Park, stay at our Hotels, if you're 'made' then you get your own villa, if you're not, then there are plenty of other jobs to take.

Oh...You're wondering why you would need to work while on vacation?

Well...It's a dog eat dog world when you can't find a way to leave...

Come...Join the Family.

Alla Morte

Game Opens September 22

All Are welcomed to join.

Summer Sale [19 Aug 2008|05:02pm]

[ mood | working ]

It's that time of year again though a bit late than usual.

I have one OLS doujinshi up for grabs. You can check out anything and everything here. Thanx for looking!

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Atra Viscus [11 May 2008|07:47am]


Atra Viscus, an AU anime/videogame roleplay.

The world is plagued with everlasting night because of the constant darkness that shrouds the people's hearts.

The vampires feed on unsuspecting humans as means for survival, but constantly search, spurred by strange rumors, for a way to become humans themselves. The hunters try very hard to get rid of the vampires based on orders from their leader... orders which are not to be questioned.

The character you apply for is required to be in one of four sects in Atra Viscus: Vampires, Half Vampires, Hunters and Humans. A constant battle is going on between the vampires and hunters and it is up to you to decide how your character will affect this battle.

Which path will you choose? ...Will it even be the right one?


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Multifandom Roleplay. [02 May 2008|04:28pm]

Spero Academy—Multifandom RoleplayCollapse )

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Another classic anime that came on Toonami. I loved Outlaw Star, and if I couldn't get home in time to see it I would catch it on Toonami Midnight Run. Gene is awesome! He's funny and smart and I had a big anime cruch on him....(I never noticed back then but I was a total fan girl). I LOVE outlaw star's OST. Hiru no Tsuki(Daytime Moon) and Tsuki no Ie (House of the moon). And through the night was catch as hell. A GOOD classic anime.Toonami had to edit it for odvious reasons but these downloads are uncut!

The episode starts with Gene and Jim are hired by "Rachel" to protect and escort her as she services farm equipment.After Gene gets in a bar fight with "death Rob" and then spent some money on a erotic "night on the town".They are attacked by Guild pirates they learn Rachel is really Hilda, a pirate in search of treasure. And Gene and Jim are now in the middle of it. After the pursuing pirates are defeated, Hilda shoots Gene and forces Jim to fetch a large container. Gene then reappears and seizes control of the situation; the bullet from Hilda's gun was stopped by a PDA in his pocket. The container is opened, revealing a naked girl named Melfina who is the key to a treasure worth more then gold.


*NOTE THIS IS THE ENGLISH DUBBED VERSION.(It may be dubbed but it is UNEDITED, there will be cusing and adult themes. This is not the version shown on Toonami.) I KNOW SOME OF YOU CANNOT STAND THE DUBBED VERSION. PLEASE DON'T COMMENT COMPLAINING. Thanks!


For more information including the track list and the link to the download click the cut*after one day all posts will be members only, this is to prevent leechers*

(cut to my media community)

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New multifandom RP [14 Mar 2008|12:11am]

New RP that is now taking reserves and applications. X-posting in lots of places, I apologize ahead of time.

asylumproject - a multifandom roleplay.

You went to sleep in their world and woke up in ours. This is the world of Tredecim, where there is no such thing as "day", and the moon that hangs in the sky seems to radiate its own source of light.

You are now a patient residing in Tredecim Mental Asylum, and you're not happy with it. The more you insist that you don't belong here, the more we will insist that you do. Everything you say will be written off as the insane ramblings of a mentally unstable person.

No matter what you say, you're no longer in charge of your own lives. You will take your pills and write in your journals, and we will monitor every little thing you do until you start to believe you really are crazy.

And then the testing will begin.


Update on Fall sale! [29 Nov 2007|05:16pm]

[ mood | working ]

I uploaded alot more goods and reduced some prices since I need to at least sell half of my junk instead of packing it and taking it with me. Check the ETA part on top of the sale entry to see what all I have uploaded. Have 2 Outlaw Star doujinshis up for grabs. You can check out everything here.


Fall & Holiday Sale [16 Nov 2007|06:28pm]

[ mood | working ]

I have a huge sale going on with all sorts of goods including some Outlaw Star doujinshis. You can check out everything here.


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[30 Oct 2007|10:00am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Spero Academy is a multifandom RP that is on LJ. I would really love to see some more anime members (I would really like to see a Gene, which is why I'm promoting on here *Outlaw Star fan*). Due to our need for members I'm cross-posting in several communities but I'm LJ-cutting it to save people's friends page. I apologize if this ends up spamming your friends page.

Spero AcademyCollapse )

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Outlaw Party now printed! [13 Oct 2007|08:27am]

Sorry if I'm spamming, but our English Outlaw Star doujinshi has now been printed and has been reduced in price to $7+ shipping (which will be cheap, since I use media mail). Please take a look!


Just ask if you want to see inside scans or have any questions ^^

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English Outlaw Star doujinshi for pre-order [29 Aug 2007|05:35pm]

My friends and I are printing an English Outlaw Star doujinshi, to sell at Manga Next 07 in Oct.
I'm willing to take pre-orders onlinel. If there are no pre-orders then we are only making 10 copies to sell at the con. No more ever. Now may be your last chance!

Title: Outlaw Party
Circle: August Rose
Fandom: Outlaw Star
Pairings: All character (Jim + Aisha friendship, maybe some Gene/Melfina)
What's in it?: 3 stories by 3 different artists plus bonus art and 4-panels
Size: Fold a sheet of paper in half ^^
No. of Pages: 28 + color covers
Rating: G
Orientation: American reading order
Price (at con): To be sold at Manga Next 2007. $10 at con.
Price (online): $10 USD free shipping to USA! International, please add $2. Thank you ^^


E-mail this form to therosegarden(AT)otakumail(DOT)com:

Your full name
Your mailing address
The number of copies you'd like
How you found out about this book (which lj comm., etc.)
Your method of payment (Paypal or money order) DONOT paypal this email address! I will give you a different address if you choose paypal ^^ If you choose money order, I'll reply back with the mailing address for that.

I will email once your book is ready and payment is needed. You then have 7 days to pay.

I won't make you pay until the books are ready, but please donot back out! I will be out of alot of money if you do.

I have sellers feedback at soras_stuff.

Order for pick up at con:
If you'd like to pick up a copy at Manga Next, send your fullname to the email above stating you'd like however many copies. ^^ Cash only at our table please.
There is a coupon you can take to the con for a dollar off and on our website: http://therosegarden.virtue.nu Just click 'circle info'.

Thank you very much!


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Twilight Suzuka Costume for Sale [20 May 2007|08:53am]

I need to make room for new costumes, so I'm starting to sell the ones I don't wear anymore.  I listed Suzuka on Ebay, so if anyone's interested (or knows someone who may be interested) there's a link to the auction below.


Thanks for looking!

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Spring cleaning sale [25 Apr 2007|02:07pm]

I have a huge sale going on with all sorts of goods including Outlaw Star doujinshis and more. You can check it all out here.


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